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About Us


We have over 30 years of experience in the Jewellery business in Antwerp - Belgium (one of the major world centers of the Diamond trade). Our address is:

Oudaan, 4 

Antwerpen - 2000 



What do we do?

We proudly manufacture fine diamond jewellery in all the existing types of gold (18, 14, 10 and 9 karat) offering a large choice of designs conceived with the utmost care.
We produce diamond rings, bracelets, pendants, necklaces and earrings in unique and exciting designs using only legitimate, conflict free diamonds and/or with colored stones.


Our guiding thought:

Diamond jewellery is made to be enjoyed every time it is worn, viewed and shown but does not need to be so expensive.

Our mission:

To let our customers enjoy beautiful jewellery at the best possible price - affordable for everyone. 

How do we achieve it?

By owning the whole process from design to the finished product, and then selling directly to you we can save all extra costs which middle-men add to the price without adding any actual value to the finished product.

We carry out the entire designing and manufacturing process by ourselves:

Using over 30 years experience we start by making hand-drawn designs. We then transform them into 3D CAD images and use 3D printing technology to manufacture the wax model that is then cast in the desired gold color and karat. Next comes the setting of the diamonds done by hand with the help of a microscope. The final touch is the polishing of the finished piece.


Please have a look at our video clips and photos that demonstrate the manufacturing process.


We also offer a new and interesting service: Jewellery "makeover" for the older pieces you own.


Many people own items of jewellery that they no longer enjoy for many reasons. We can work together with you to create a new design and transform your wishes into a new piece which can then be cherished for many years to come. Send us a few photos of your old jewellery with the sizes of the stones and what kind of piece you would like to have made. We will contact you and suggest a few designs that we think will be suitable. The details will be worked out together with you until a right model is chosen. Next we will send you a price quote for the new design and creation - if you have a design of your own we can also manufacture the piece for you. This "joint" activity is very creative and rewarding. It gives your "old" jewellery a new life. 


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