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Cord Bracelets with Beautifully Embedded Diamonds

A diamond cord bracelet is meant for delicate hands and wrists. It is a great combination of modern style and elegance that suits the personality of most young females who have just stepped into their womanhood. Diamonds in the cord bracelets are usually adorned on the front side only, while the rest of the bracelet is made up of silk or woven cords or threads. At V5 Jewellery, you can easily find a number of cord bracelets for women online. Feel free to browse the different varieties with their varying costs and select the one you desire.

The entire diamond bracelet designs that you see here are skilfully produced keeping in mind the delicate nature of every woman. Other than the bracelets, you will be able to find other beautiful pieces of diamond jewelry as well; however the bracelet has a versatile appeal to the women and don't have to denote a very serious relationship.

It doesn't matter what size of diamond it is in the bracelet, what matters is the supreme quality that has been used. The weight and size of the diamond has been adjusted to keep the bracelet light and delicate.

Our diamond cord bracelets are available in 18 Karat, 14 Karat, 9 Karat gold and you can select from yellow gold, white gold and red gold.

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